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Barack Obama Leadership Academy


Thank you for visiting Barack Obama Leadership Academy’s website. We invite you to come to our school to see first-hand our educational program. We believe that a rigorous academic program combined with social- emotional support and an African Centered methodology leads to scholarly success. Barack Obama Leadership Academy’s academic program reflects the practices that are associated with high-performing urban schools: more time on task; standards-based instruction; research-based curricula; regular assessments; online learning opportunities for homework; and horizon-broadening enrichment opportunities. The staff provides hands-on learning experiences with a strong emphasis on teaching the State of Michigan Core curriculum with small groups that have worked on the level of their learning. We supplement the state curriculum with examples of students’ environments and African people that made accomplishments in that area of study.

Thanks to our generous sponsors and partners for investing in our community through our students. Timbuktu Community Services provides support and resources to our students and families and welcomes your contribution to continue these efforts.

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