Academic Program

We believe that a rigorous academic program combined with a supportive social-emotional curriculum leads to scholar success. Barack Obama Leadership Academy’s academic program reflects the practices that are associated with high-performing urban schools: more time on task; standards-based instruction; research-based curricular; regular assessments; online learning opportunities for homework; and horizon-broadening enrichment opportunities. The staff provide hands-on learning experiences with a strong academic emphasis on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) principles, augmented by curricular programs that enables students to observe STEM based endeavors in the real world.

Leader In Me

Barack Obama Leadership Academy is one of few Leader in Me (LIM) schools in Detroit. We are actively engaged in the transformational model that will empower students with leadership qualities. The LIM program helps students learn how to become self-reliant and develop the skills and self-confidence they need to lead their lives and succeed in school and in the future. Our future leaders learn life skills and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People which will prepare them for the 21st Century.  Our goal is to embody Stephen Covey’s leadership traits and model the characteristics daily.  

African Centered Education

African Centered Education (ACE) is Academic Excellence.  ACE is the reinforcement of the intellectual capability, learning and performances of African people historically. African Centered Education utilizes an integrated model of individual identity and children understanding their greatness.  It promotes an educational environment that is caring and supportive of self-acceptance and validation of African people.  Family participation is part of the school culture as a way to promote learning, enhance feelings of inclusion and self-acceptance.  The 7 Principles are embedded into our K-5 Curriculum.  

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