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“Stay coachable, seek feedback, and teach others is the pathway to develop professionally.”


A transformational leader in education for over 20 years, Kimberly Pritchett is the academic consultant and owner of Pinnacle Academic Services, LLC.  She was also recently named as Principal of Barack Obama Leadership Academy in Detroit.

With extensive classroom teaching experience in both elementary and middle school education, she has spent 13 years educating children and has consistently maintained the highest assessment scores on all State standardized testing.  She contributes her success to Differentiated Instruction and Individualized Success Plans for ALL scholars.  Kimberly has served as Dean of Academia and Principal for a low performing school in the city of Detroit and successfully contributed in moving the school off the State of Michigan’s Priority List.  She denotes her achievement in turning the school around by implementing the foundational principles of a high performing school:  systems and structures, culture and climate that speaks to high expectations and student achievement, data driven decisions, highly qualified personnel, community and parental involvement and strong relationships with all stakeholders. It is a formula that she takes with her to every assignment.

Grant writing is another attribute that Kimberly has implemented to make a low performing school successful.  Through her grant writing ability, she opened two reading rooms from The Carson Scholars’ Foundation and all students received an additional 1500 minutes of reading per month, which was helpful with both fluency and comprehension.  The following link shows the grand opening of the elementary and middle school reading rooms:

Additionally, Kimberly has written grants for schoolwide field trips, early reading programs and musical instruments. 

It is her no-nonsense attitude, determination to ensure that ALL children receive a quality education, especially in urban areas where the odds are already against them, and her commitment to excellence that continues to yield impressive results.  She is determined to coach teachers and principals on best practices, culture/climate, and data to move more schools to a high performing status. 

Her training at Harvard University through MAPSA’s Leadership Program is proof that high performing schools can and deserve to exist in urban communities.

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